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Londonderry New Hampshire
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Bockes-Ingersoll Memorial Forest
Property Summary and Guide
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Mill Road
The 71 acre Leslie C. Bockes Memorial Forest was created in 1975. In 2003, an additional 155 acres of adjacent forest was protected, resulting in approximately 300 acres of contiguous forest, overseen and managed by the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests and the towns of Londonderry, Hudson and Windham.
Permitted Uses
Hiking, picnicking, wildlife observation, x-country skiing, kayaking, fishing, plant identification
Prohibited Uses
Camping, motorized vehicles. Hunting is generally prohibited within 300' of residences per NH RSA.
Download a printable map of Bockes-Ingersoll Memorial Forest here.
An entrance sign is located at the parking area on mill Road. The main trail starts just beyound the sign and winds its way down through the forest. The trail consists of old logging roads which are neither named nor blazed.  They are well maintained and easily followed.
Points of Interest
Property Guide
This property is managed by the Society for the Protection of NH Forests.  The Society provides a guide to the property, accessible here.
Oak/Pine Forest
The old logging roads wind their way through a well managed stand of Red and White Oak interspersed with large White Pines. The area is a fine example of forest stewardship.
Hemlock Grove
A picturesque hemlock grove comprises a good portion of the northeast section of the forest. The low lying limbs and thick understory create a deep, dark and mysterious ambiance. Keep an eye out for a thick understory of Black Birch saplings, mid-way down the northeast logging road.
Whitch Hazel Stand
Located just northwest of the "five corners" there is a beautiful stand of common Whitch Hazel. These trees bloom in late Oct-early Nov and are ablaze with yellow strap-like flowers. Be extra quiet and you may hear the fruit being ejected from the seed capsules with such force that they can fly over 30' through the air.
The Meadow
The trails from Mill Road eventually lead to one of several locations on Bockes Road. Just west of the utililty (gas line) right-of-way on the south side of Bockes Rd, the trail picks up again and meanders through a stand of "Plantation Pine", a remant of an old tree farm that once occupied the site. Eventually the trail emerges into a picturesque grassy meadow. Enjoy the view and the sound of the song birds but please stay on the trail rather than venturing out into the right-of-way.  
Spur Trails
Throughout the area there are a series of spur trails that lead off the main path and deeper into the woodland. Some are mainly loop trails that will lead you back to the main trails in the Forest.  Hikers should be aware that along the western edge of the forest, spur trails may lead you to the Griffin Road trailhead in Hudson.
Old Cellar Hole
Just before the southwest trail connects to Bockes Road, there is an abanonded celler hole. Overgrown with trees and shrubs the foundation walls stand proudly, a silent vestige of time gone by.
Beaver Brook Overlook
The trail south of Bockes Road ends at the banks of Beaver Brook. There are a number of access points and overlooks that provide a tranquil rest spot under the dense canopy of the Hemlocks, Red Maples and Shadbush. Rest under the Hemlocks and listen to sounds of the rushing brook and the lovely song birds before heading back up the hill.