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Size Commercial Revaluation Preliminary Values
79K Spraying Notice
671K Council Agenda 08-19-2019
11061K to demo the former SAU building
309K Anniversary Special Commemorative Medallion
1127K Hearing at Town Hall on Thursday, September 12th
3K Road Closure – Change in detour pattern on August 1, 2019
468K Clerk's Office Closed from 10 AM - 11 AM on August 20th
2K Department Furniture RFP
9219K Release 5 NH Communities Awarded AARP Community Challenge Grants
8K Buttrick Road & Orchard View Drive Detour/One Way Begins 7/22
490K 2019 - June 2020 Recycling Calendar
1462K Road Closure Beginning June 24th
556K the Kent Allen Forest 2019
299K Clerk Hours Starting July 1, 2019
702K Voter Information
3K Jobs Available
1094K Grid Intent to Cut Notice
1751K Spring/Summer Road Construction Locations
395K Pool Study Committee Report
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